In the beginning, there was nothing. An ever-changing tumult of elements and energies, swirling in an eternal maelstrom of chaos and entropy was the entirety of existence. Time immemorial past, and slowly, these forces of change and entropy began to interact, creating order and constancy from the formless nothing. At the centre of this writhing miasma of raw elemental forces emerged a world, one that gave order to the chaos, and form to these energies. Yea, a world was born, called Scarn by the Old Ones, and upon its surface, these energies took form and became manifest. They became the Titans.

The Elemental forces that are the Titans formed, shaped, and reshaped the world that came to be known as Scarn. Creatures, bizarre and beautiful came into being and were destroyed, mountains rose and fell, and the oceans boiled dry and reformed over the course of the millennia Races were born and died out, nations formed and collapsed, and sentient peoples suffered at the cruel and capricious indifference of the Titans, until one day, Vangal, the first of the Gods were born.

Amazed by this new creation, the Titans set about creating similar entities, and the Eight Gods were born. The Gods drew their power from the worship and dedication of those peoples that suffered most greatly under the heel of their Titanic progenitors, and felt their people’s suffering most keenly. They lead their chosen peoples in open rebellion against their parents, in a war that lasted for generations, and left deep and lasting scars on both the land and its people.

Now, years After Victory, the people and the Land try to heal. The Gods, having eliminated all real threats, turn now to furthering their own visions of perfection, while the Demigods attempt to promote their portfolios. The Races of Scarn still factor very strongly into the machinations of their Divinities, and the land itself is still very much an entity in this eternal struggle, as the Titans, while defeated, are not entirely gone, and darker threats still lurk within the enigmatic world of Scarn.

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