The adventurers of the Scarred Lands seek gold, fame, forturne, justice, or any of a myriade of other goals, some profound, some base. Each comes from a vaired background and culture, with differing values and skills. As such, each has a different method to attain those goals. Some rely on stealth and nimble fingers, others on martial prowess, and even others rely on arcane and eldrich secrets gleaned from musty tomes. Others still call down the Divine wrath of the Gods, or the primal fury of nature to aid them in their quests. Some prevail and grow powerful, carving out a name for themselves in the face of these troubled times. Other die, and their soul speeds toward their final destination, with their names little more than an afterthought in the annals of history.

Your Character’s class represents his/her vocation. It determines his skillset, what he can do, and what powers he wields. Class may be the first choice you make about your character, and it will determine how to best allocate your skills.

The classes common to the Scarred Lands are as follows:

  • Artificer – A studious craftsman who uses his understanding of the nature of magic to create or modify items of power.
  • Barbarian – A ferocious warrior who uses his fury and instinct to defeat his foes
  • Bard – An eclectic generalist and performer who excells in support roles, and who uses the magic of music to aide his allies and hinder his foes.
  • Cleric – A master of Divine Magic and a capable warrior, as well.
  • Druid – A servant of the natural world, who draws power from the world itself to fuel his magics.
  • Favoured Soul – Touched by a Deity’s favour, a wielder of Divine Magic and a promoter of said Diety’s agenda.
  • Fighter – A warrior of exceptional combat ability and unequaled combat prowess.
  • Monk – A diciplined martial-artist and master of exotic fighting techniques.
  • Ninja – A highly-trained light skirmisher who relies on stealth, dicipline, and his inner focus to defeat his foes.
  • Paladin – A pinnacle of virtue and a paragon of justice, as well as a Holy Warrior and weilder of divine magics.
  • Priest – A more studious wielder of divine magics, spending more time in research than in combat.
  • Psion – Wielder of rare and dangerous powers, unleashed from the depths of the mind.
  • Psychic Warrior – Combines the power of the mind with the power of the sword.
  • Ranger – A cunning and skilled warrior of the wilderness.
  • Rogue – A sly trickster and a cunning combattant, relying on stealth and ambush, rather than main strength.
  • Scout – A light infantryman who relies on his movement and ability to slip in and out of combat, hitting hard and fast.
  • Sorcerer – A wielder of innate arcane abilities.
  • Soulknife – Focuses the power of the mind into a coherent blade; wielding stealth and this blade with equal facility in combat.
  • Spirit Shaman – Calls upon the spirits of the beast, and of the ancestors to aide him.
  • Swashbuckler – A canny, nimble fighter, who relies on his wits and his reflexes to see him through.
  • Warlock – Touched by an outside force, a warlock channels this force into eldrich energies and manipulations of the world around him.
  • Warmage – Wielding equal parts martial skill and arcane might, a warmage fights with his sword and his mind.
  • Wizard – A student of the arcane, a Wizard relies on his keen mind and his studies to see him through.
  • Wu Jen – A follower of the Classical Elements and a manipulator of the same.

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